I'm a French photographer living in Hoxton, London,
offering regular photo sessions in Paris and London.
I specialise in natural light, on location headshot/portrait and reportage.

Elba, July 2010

Les Mains de L
Les Mains de L. Catania, Piazza Cavour, le 22 février 2015, je rencontre L. (première rencontre). Nous descendons la Via Etnea et marchons un peu. Nous...
Le Porge, Aquitaine
14 avril 2013. Premier week-end de beau temps. Le Porge, Aquitaine.
Please take us
Baxendale street, 2nd august 2015. I saw him on Baxendale street. “Excuse me Sir,” I said 3 times before he heard me or decided to pay attention… “Do...
30 minutes
25 avril 2015 / 17h42 - 18h11 Une promenade sur la plage de Vaccarizzo, Sicile. Trente minutes à regarder le large, l'Etna, les bancs de coquillages et les...
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Evvy Miller
Evvy Miller, Hampstead Heath, June 2011
Chez Emilie - At Emilie's Déménagement. Moving house. Paris, June 2011
Occupy London
October-November 2011 | From St Paul's to Finsbury Square
A la maison
A la maison - Friends at home
she always smiled
When I think of ways to clear my head, two options come to mind. Walking in the pouring rain. Having a walk in a cemetery. I asked for the rain, it didn't...
Cournon-Lempdes (...)
Cournon-Lempdes / Lempdes-Cournon. I wasn’t home for Chrismas 2011, so I went there mid-January 2012 to make up for it. My grandparents live in Lempdes,...
Brockley Then & Now: Mass Photo on Hilly Fields, Sunday 19 July 2015, 3pm. Photos : Copyright Heloise Faure...